Based on a unique and innovative formulation, Mud & Sea Collection presents all the benefits of the Dead Sea Minerals and Deep Sea Red Algae in a light, smooth and luxurious mask. Designed especially for Dry to Extra Dry Skin, The Mud & Sea Collection is the ultimate mineral boost that delivers rich, moisturizing properties of Dead Sea Minerals to support skin’s natural functions and to calm, soften and smooth rough, weathered skin with gentle yet powerful nourishment of minerals, natural oils and plant extracts fortified with Deep Sea Red Algae and vitamins to restore your skin to a healthier, elasticized younger and fresher appearance.


Day Cream


Night Cream

Eye & Decollete

Calming Cream


Mud Mask


Peel Off Mud Mask

Multi Vitamin

Mud Serum



Mud & Sea Moisturizing Day Cream

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals is known for their ability to moisturize and restore skin cell flexibility. Combining this with Sunflower & Jojoba Oils helps Dry to Extra Dry Skin restore its moisture and elasticity. Red Algae provides a refreshing effect to the skin and re-plumps it with an immediate tightening effect. This prevents skin hydration due to daily exposure to the elements.

Mud & Sea Nourishing Night Cream

Enriched with Mineral Mud and Deep Sea Red Algae which is known for their nourishing and moisturizing abilities, This cream relaxes the skin after a daylong activitiy while actively helping skin cells rejuvenate and restore energy and elasticity while you sleep. This delicate cream is also enriched with Chamomile and Cucumber extracts which calms the skin while Shea butter will restore skin’s natural elasticity.


Mud & Sea Eye & Decollete Calming Cream

A light and gentle cream specifically formulated for the delicate skin of the eye & decollete area. It contains a special blend of soothing herbal extracts, such as witch hazel, aloe vera,         chamomile and green cucumber that calms, nurture and support the skin with the nutrients it needs to regain its strenght and suppleness.


Mud & Sea Exfoliating Mud Mask

A special exfoliating mask combining the unique high concentrated mineral qualities of Dead Sea mud for deep cleansing and skin calming. Its yellow soil granulates has a natural round non-abraisive edes gently gets rid of dead skin cells.

Mud & Sea Complexion Peel Off Mud Mask

Makes the skin moist and supple which gives your skin a fresh and brighter look. It contains active ingredients such as mineral mud from the Dead Sea, red algae and plant extract. The mask seals in moisture by forming a protective and non-greasy layer that stays on the skin and peels off dead skin cells.

Mud & Sea Multi Vitamin Mud Serum

A light, active serum for ideal skin therapy, this unique product provides a complex of Mineral Dead Sea Mud bursting with nutrients to strengthen and hydrate the skin. A high concentration of pure, active vitamin E, in a form of mini capsules alongside deep sea red algae, which are  both powerful antioxidants, fights free radicals and support the skin to restore lost elasticity. This allows your skin to be smooth and flexibility with a soft, supple texture.


Mud & Sea Moisture Protection Concentrated Drops

A new powerful moisture protection mask. Right upon application this highly concentrated formula will form a “second skin” layer to protect & hydrate dry to extra dry damaged skin. Fine, dry lines are plumped away as moisture is restored and a supple softness is renewed.


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