The Gold Solution for skin lesions

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The Decisive Step

Clinical Results


  • Handy like a pen
  • No leakage of liquid nitrous oxide
  • Generally non bleeding treatment
  • Virtually painless
  • Suitable for children and sensitive patients
  • Shorter treatment time

The decisive step in the use of freezing technology


  • Works best on expensive cold - liquid N2O is brought  through a micro capillary under a constant penetrating temperature of -89oC directly onto the area to be treated.
  • At the pressure release of the liquid gas, a transformation is formed (evaporation). Heat is drawing from the environment leading to icing effect which is used, almost without any loss, as a treating energy.
  • Freezing in a tissue depth of 3mm, by a diameter of 10mm is reached after 12 seconds of application.
  • Destruction of the tissue was reached at minus 40oC, recognizable at the frozen skin area for 2-3 seconds.
  • Cells are destroyed but in a selective way connective tissue structure are preserved.

Experience clinical results


Thousands of users all over the world are already familiar with liquid freezing.


Studies of the different methods of cryosurgery and liquid freezing can be found worldwide in large numbers.

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