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The next injections without the pain

Cool Sense


How It Works


is a local anesthetic numbing device, the product of extensive R&D resulting in a                       revolutionary though simple, hand-held device that anesthetizes the site of injections by a Cryo system with no chemicals and no after effects. For best performance store in a freezer compartment for 8 hours then the device is immediately ready for use. It numbs the area of injection for 3-5 seconds.




CoolSense Medical Ltd.

Coolsense Medical Company, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel is responsible for the R&D and manufacturing of the innovative handheld CoolSense™ - pain numbing applicator. CoolSense is successfully implemented concept offers medical personnel, aestheticians and the general public a revolutionary, simply operated instrument that eliminates the pain and discomfort of injection procedures.  CoolSense™ pain numbing applicator has the CE

and FDA certification.


Technology & Product

The innovative CoolSense™ device, when applied to the skin immediately anesthetizes the site of injection with no after effects. The CoolSense Pain-Free Injection Applicator has been accepted as an indispensable instrument for health care personnel when performing medical or cosmetic skin invasive procedures. The CoolSense™ Applicator is also an invaluable tool that greatly improves the quality of life for individuals who are obliged to undergo injection procedures on a daily basis.

The applicators head is temperature controlled by an electronic chip that measures optimum temperature for pain numbing.

CoolSenseTM provides pain relief and prevents the skin from being harmed and burned during the injection.

The CoolSense’s head unit includes a disinfection mechanism containing an alcoholic gel. The gel is spread over the applicators metal surface serving as an    additional protection against a skin cold-burn.


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