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The new Collagen Hydro-Elastic by KianoMer Dead Sea fights back those symptoms by using an advanced formula of natural active ingredients (natural oils and plant extracts fortified with Dead Sea minerals) with marine Collagen that helps moisturize and plump Fibroblasts cells that has a key role in creating new connective tissues in the skin restoring its elasticity and complexion.


Day Cream


Night Cream

Eye & Décolleté

Calming Cream






Collagen Hydro-Elastic Protecting Day Cream

is ideal as your day treatment when your skin is fresh and relaxed from the night's sleep (after treated with Collagen Hydro-Elastic Restoring Night Cream). The cream rich with natural active ingredients helps maintain moister and tighter look whilst working on those fine lines and improving skin's elasticity.

Collagen Hydro-Elastic Restoring Night Cream

ideal as your night treatment when your skin is clean from makeup and impurities ready for it's good night's sleep. The cream rich with active Nutritive ingredients works as an anti wrinkles buster whilst nourishing the epidermis making your skin look and feel fresh and moist.

Collagen Hydro-Elastic Eye & Décolleté

Calming Cream

is your day's first step treatment helping your delicate eye & décolleté skin fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Easily absorb, this light cream deeply nourish and moisturize your skin protecting it from a daylong exposure to the elements and dehydration.


Collagen Hydro-Elastic Reviving Serum

Rich with mini unispheres (liposome) designed to release their content of pure vitamin E as they break when applied and massaged on the skin. Vitamin E as a strong antioxidant fighting

free radicals will protect the skin renewing and restoring elasticity and complexion.

Collagen Hydro-Elastic Concentrated Rejuvenating Drops

is our new powerful nourishment inducing mask. From the moment of application this highly concentrated collagen drops mask will induce, protein and nutritive ingredients into your skin restoring elasticity and complexion for a rejuvenated vibrant skin.

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